Local Government Board for Ireland: tenth report with appendix

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Local Government Acts. 
21 A provisional Order, dated 24th February, 1882, separating the town of Letterkenny from the rural sanitary district, con¬ sisting of the Letterkenny poor law union, and constituting it an urban sanitary district. 
A provisional Order, dated the 22nd March, 1882, empowering the Town Commissioners of Fermoy, being the Urban Sanitary Authority of the urban sanitary district consisting of the town of Fermoy, to put in force the powers of the Lands Clauses Acts, with respect to the purchase and taking of lands, otherwise than by agreement, with reference to certain lands, lands covered with water, and right to take and convey water required for the pur¬ pose of constructing works for the purpose of supplying the district with water. 
We approved of the adoption of the provisions of the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854, in tho town of Mallow, on the 11th August, 1881, and fixed the number of Commissioners to be elected at twenty-one. 
We also approved of the adoption of sections 38 and 39 of the Towns Improvement Act in the borough of Waterford on the 17th August, 1881. 
[The laying out of streets and precautions as to ruinous buildings.] 
In the following cases we have received petitions for pro¬ visional Orders, but the proceedings preparatory to the issue of the Orders have not yet terminated. 
Town of Bangor.—-To 
purchase gas works. 
Lame Union.—To 
put in force the powers of the Lands Clauses Acts, with a view to works for providing the town and district of Lame with water. 
Ballina Union.—For 
power to put in force the Lands Clauses Acts, with respect to certain land required in the works for con¬ structing a service reservoir and main waterpipe for supply :)f Ballina with water. 
Ennis Union.—To 
put in force the Lands Clauses Acts, with reference to land required for enlarging Drumcliffe burial ground. 
Ballynwney Union.~To 
put in force the Lands Clauses Acts, with reference to lands required for waterworks for the town of Ballynioney. 
lown of Clonmel.—To 
settle differences and adjust certain matters of account arising out of a provisional Order, dated 29th November, 1878, transferring the powers of the Grand Jury of Tipperary (South Riding), with respect to roads, bridges, foot¬ paths and public works within the Borough of Clonmel to the Corporation of Clonmel. 
Town of Queenstown.—To 
put in force the provisions of the Lands Clauses Acts, for the purpose of taking lands required for the construction of works for supplying Queenstown with water.