Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: thirteenth report

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Appendix IV. 
Fiants—Elizabeth—(continued) . 

2936 (2346.) 
Pardon to Maurice Power fitz Rich,, of Mabe&ton, 

Waterford, Win. 
reogh O Kenedy, of Kiluro, Edm. 
Kenedy, of same, John Dwyn, of Kilbarry, Wm, Powor fitz Nich,, of Rosscrudclery, Tho. 
Phelan, and John Power fitz Edm., 
of Cnockaneyvyn, husbandman, all in same co. 
Security as in iVo. 
2937 (2437.) 
Commission to Patr. 
Sherloke, esq. 
; to execute English, martial law in the counties of Kilkenny, Waterford, and the 

cross of Tipperary , 

as in 218.—19 
2938 (6087.) 
Lease (under queen's letter 12 Sept., 
to Patrick English. 
Sherlock, [of S. 
Katherincs beside Waterford, gent.]; 
of the site 

of the abbey of S. 
Katherin's by Waterforde, [parcels of land in the tenure of Edmund White, Robert Ballon, James White, John Neyle, Donald Pikethe, Patrick Lenaughe, William White, Nicholas Madane, James Shurlocke, and John Caghane, the grange of S. 
Katherine's, the Newtone alias Kilgrenie, tenements in the parish of S. 
Patrick in the suburbs of Water¬ forde in the tenure of Edmund Browne and Thomas Kenny, tenements in the parish of S. 
Michael in the said suburbs hi the tenure of John Dawtone and Nicholas Bryver ; the rectories of Kilsainct Nicholas, co. 
Waterford], Killone, portion of the tithes of Carrickenycroghe, the rectories [of Killowrane, and] Clone-gano, co. 
Waterford, lands of Priorstono, 5s. 
chief rent out of certain tenements in the tenure of the burgesses of Olonmell, lands of Blackerathe, two parts of tho tithes of tho rectory of [Carricke] Magriflin, the rectories of Teamplohimc and Xtilloloane, two parts of tho tithes of the rectory of Kilgraiite, tho rectories of Noddans, [Whilechurch], Samkenagho alias Sameraghe, Tomplotowningo, and Kilmilage, Kilmiglilasso, two parts of the tithes of the rectory of Ballengario in Faningos woods, the rectory of Ballincloghe in Ormonde in 0 Kenny dies country, co J Tipperary, tho glebe and two parts of the tithes of the rectory of Dongarvan, the rectories of Kilbride, Kilcollumbe, two parts of the tithes of the rectory of Ficlowne, co. 
Kilkenny, land in the lord Barrois great Ilande, in Cui'raghonoboio alias Camckeiiboie, Ballimac[ynleane] and Oostonevin, and land in Kilgorvan, and their tithes, tho rectory of Tamplcbroickan oxtending to the tithes of Inyspicke and other small islands, and the tithe oysters taken in Leabynskidde, the rectories of Dromohareso, Dressame, Diryvallie and Balliloghie in the lord Roche's country, Kilvini alias Kilbiny and Collyn in Dowallie, in O Kiffes and M'Donnoghes countries, Sawrchyne, Kilmalassc, and Teample-toyo, Kilconnynytlio, Kerny and Kilcowan, Balliwariscallie, and Kildarirye, Kilmacomock and Kilcroghan, co. 
Cork, [all held under lease to Patrick Shurlocke 2 Ap., 
i & ii., 
and Mary, from 1562]; also the site of the abbey of Mothell,, tho lands of Mothell, the Grange of Newton, Ballimable alias Abboteston, Kilbernyo, co. 
Wateriord, Kyllenispicko alias Bushopeswoode, land with a chapol in Kyllvonnaghe, and lands and tithes in Grange Moclorc, co. 
Tipporary, and tho rectories of Mothell, Rathcormicko, Moynenclarge, and Ballilane, (held under fiant 1102 Edw. 
To hold for 31 years, from the end of the