Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: twelfth report

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117 1573-4. 

2371 (1986.) 
Lease, under commission 15 Jan., 
to Thomas Emghbh. 
Moore, of Mellefount; of the castle of Castelton alias Yonge 

Castelton, and the lands of Castelton, Kilcorboighe, Colna-knaperye, Ballifower, Ballioge alias Ballibege, Kilmakellye alias Ballymakellye, Firemore, Ballilaghane, Balaghesallaughe, Tol-laughe Coole, and the castle of Towgher, King's co. 
To hold for 21 years. 
Rent £9 9s. 
Maintaining five horsemen, with other conditions as in No. 
474, (the clause relating to hostings to be immediately operative,) omitting the clauses relating to jointures and portions for younger sons, and adding the usual clauses in leases. 
If Thomasine Cowleye, widow to Robert Cowleye, recover her dower upon the y>remises, allowance for so much of the rent shall be made to lessee.—10 
March, xvi. 
2372 (2064.) 
Pardon to James fitz Hobert Dillon, of Bonuone, co. 

Westmeath, and Simon Brian of Killenewre, same co., 
gentlemen, Rory O Brene, Farroll M'Gulecush (or Gelucush), and Conill M'Gone. 
Security as in 897.—29 
March, xvi. 
2373 (2068.) 
Pardon to Edm. 
Darcey, of Jordanston, co. 

Emery Lye, of Ballyna, co. 
Kildare, and John Lye, jun., 
gentle¬ men, Arthur Lye, and Oliver Stevenson, horsemen, Dermot 0 Cogan, and David M'Moriertagh, yeomen, Hugh bane 0 Byrne, Nicholl 0 Nary, and Dermot 0 Crome, horseboys. 
In consideration of their services against the 0 Conors.—29 
March, xvi. 
2374 (1947.) 
Commission to Thomas mac Riccarde Tute, of Sonnaght, English, co. 
Westmeath, esq., 
sheriff of that county; to execute martial 

law in the county, as in 218.—31 
March, xvi. 
2375 (5854.) 
Commission to Thomas Crief, chantor of S. 
Patrick's, English. 
Robert Waslye, archdeacon of Dublin, Nicholas Walshe, 

chancellor of S. 
Patrick's, John Karney, treasurer there, Hary Burnell, gent., 
and John Bathe, queen's solicitor, as delegates; to hear on appeal a cause of Peter Dillon against Elinor Clinch alias Dillon. 
Dated 10 Jan., 
2376 (1970.) 
Lease, under queen's letter 12 Nov., 
1573, to Robert E»giish. 
Loftus, gent.; 
of a moiety of certain tithe corn of the rectory of 

Donboyne as leased in 975 ; a moiety of the glebe of Donboyne and other premises leased in 1138 (the orchard in Dublin excepted. 
Febo in 1138 is written Freboe here, and the rent of 2s. 
out of the messuage of S. 
John's is 2s.); 
also a moiety of certain tithes belonging to the rectory of Donboyne as leased in 1174. 
To hold for 21 yearsfromthe end of the existing terms. 
Rent £4618s. 
—21 Ap., 
2377 (5853.) 
Commission to Thomas Cryeffe, chantor of S. 
Patrick's, English. 
Robert Wesley, archdeacon of Dublin, John Ball, archdeacon of 

Glandelagh, William Dermott, chancellor of Holy Trinity, Dublin, Edmund Butler and John Synott, learned in the laws, as delegates; to hear on appeal a cause of John Nellan, physician, against Meyler, archbishop of Casshell, and his commissaries in the diocese of Killaloe.—23 
2378 (1972.) 
Lease, under commission 15 Jan., 
to Thomas English. 
Lewes, (the chief baron's man); of the site of the monastery of the 

Holy Trinity of monks in the town of Thomonde hi the country of lord Bremingham alias M'Orish hi Connaght with its lands and tithes ; the site of the friary of Kilbrenane alias Kilnebrenan in Connaght, and 6 cottages and lands there; the ruined house of