Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: twelfth report

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and hay, and all manner of victuals, also requisite artificers and means of carriage byT sea or land, paying ready money at reason¬ able prices.—1 
March, xvi. 
2363 (1956.) 
Grant to Richard Sheparde, of Dublin, gent. 
; of the 

office of clerk of the ordnance, munition, and artillery, vice John Harpenny, deceased. 
To hold during pleasure, with a fee of 12c?. 
a day, and 8d. 
a day for a servant.—1 
March, xvi. 
2364 (1941.) 
Commission to Tho., 
baron of Slane; to execute English, martial law in his territories and lands, being in the counties of 

Meath and Louth, as in 218.—2 
March, xvi. 
2365 (2067.) 
Pardon to Patrick Barnewall, of Crickeston, co. 

Meath, knt., 
Tallon, of Staffardston, Edm. 
Barnewall, of Cookiston, and Hen. 
Barnewall, of Calciston, gentlemen, Tho. 
Tallon, of Blackcastell, farmer, Patr. 
Drake, of Stahalmock, and George bane Drake, of same, horsemen, all in same co.—2 
March, xvi. 
2366 (2050.) 
Pardon to Ferdorogh alias Edmund Savag, Patr. 

Savage m'Seneshall, Rob. 
Savaig m'Jenicock, Edmund Savaig m'Jenicock, George Savaig m'Richard, Edm. 
m'Richard Savaige, Rob. 
ro Savaige, James oge Savaige, Rich. 
Savaige, George Savaige, jun., 
Revelyn Savaige, Guilduff m'Walter oge Fitz Symone, Will. 
M'Nemara, Hugh M'Nemara, Brian duf M'Nemara, Hugh boy M'Nemara, Guillerneagh M'Nemara, Owen M'Nemara, Guilleduf M'Nemara, Rich. 
M'Otheliu, James M'Kellyn, Ellyn M'Kellyn, Edmund M'Kellyn, Nich. 
M'Kellyn, John moyle O Praye, Patr. 
ro O Pray, Owen 0 Pray, Will. 
Dongan, Neile boy M'Gornaghan, Nich. 
OPray, Will, reough 0 Pray, Gilleduf M'Tympany, James M'Tympany, Patr. 
M'Tympany, and Jenkyn Hassard. 
" At the earl of Essex is suit."—4 
March, xvi. 
2367 (5876.) 
Grant, under commission 15 Jan., 
to William 

Bathe, of Athcarne, co. 
Meath, esq.; 
of the wardship and mnrriage of John, son and heir of Walter Golding, late of Peirston Laundy, co. 
Meath, gent. 
Fine £20 6s. 
March, xvi. 
2368 (6126.) 
Pardon to Simon Luttrell, of Luttreliston, William 

Bath, of Athcarne, Nicholas Harbard, of Monystirorishe, George Bath, of Athcame, gent., 
and Henry Rath, of Pyerston Landy, co. 
Meath, husbandman, whom Walter Golding, late of Pyerston Landy, enfeoffed to the uses of his will; of all alienations and intrusions in the manor of Pyerston Landy. 
Fine £5.—5 
March, xvi. 
2369 (2063.) 
Pardon to Michael Cusake, of Rathalron, co. 

March, xvi. 
2370 (1985.) 
Lease, under commission 15 Jan., 
to sir Barnaby JUjhth. 
I'itzpatrick, knight; of the site of the monastery of Agmacarte 

in Upper Ossorye, the lands of Agmacarte and the tithe corn of the rectory of Agmacartye with the tithes of Cowlekill; the site of the friary of Athbowe hi Ossorye, in the country called M'Kilpatrick, and the lands of Athebowe, and the customs of the tenants (3 days reaping corn in harvest, 2 hook clays for weeding corn, and one sheep and a gallon of butter in summer from every¬ one owning 7 sheep.) 
To hold for 21 years. 
Rent £9 8s. 
Mamtaining an English horseman. 
He shall not assign without license, nor let to any but English, and shall not charge coyne. 
Fine £9 8s. 
March, xvi.