Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: twelfth report

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Appendix V. 
1615 (1044.) 
Pardon to Tirrelagh Fitz Alexander, of Boyeston, Cal-

lowgh m'Tirrelagh Fitz Alexander, of the same, Bamaby Fitz Alexander, of Brittas, Edmund O'Byrne, of Tullaghfergus, co. 
Theobaldm'ShaneBourke,Meilerm'Skane Bourcke, Edmund m'Tirrelagh M'Manus, Edmund mArt O'Morgho, of Boyeston, Edmund m'William Bourcke, of Carryckseavell, same co., 
and Meiler m'Edmond Bourck, of the same, galloglasses, Thomas m'Gerald Dillon, of Gortmore, James Dalton fitz Richard, of Mylton, co. 
Westmeath, and Edmund m'Gerald m'Melaghlen carragh, of Tommore, in the O'Byrn's country, gentlemen. 
Security as in 897, in cos. 
Dublin or Westmeath. 
Fine [ ]. 
Date destroyed. 
(Of record with fiants of the twelfth year.) 
1616 (1057.) 
Pardon to Cormock m/Teig, of the county Cork, gent. 

Security as in 897. 
No date. 
(Of record with fiants of the twelfth year?) 
" The fine is remitted in consideration of his good service done under sir Humfrey Jylbart." 
1617 (1088.) 
Pardon to [ ], Margaret 

Rothe, John or Jenken Rothe, Thomas Archer fitz Walter, Patrick Scurloke, Thomas Rothe fitz Richard, William Scurloke, Patrick Kalle, Peter Rothe fitz Robert, Dionysius Kalle, Laur¬ ence Walshe, Thomas Walshe, Maurice M'Crahe, Richard Savage, David Doben, George Rothe, Francis Bronoke, merchant, Thomas Morphy, William O'Carrowill, Patrick Archer, Dermot O'How-lighane, Richard Flemyng, Malachy Olery, John Barckley, Thomas Coroke, James Lee, James Doben, David Hanrighane, Redmund Cantwell fitz Thomas, John White, Oliver Rothe fitz Robert, Richard Purscell, Robert Rothe, Peter Dormer, clerk, Anastacia Archer, widow, Gresill Kevanaghe, widow, Thady O'Howlighane, Walter Rothe fibz Oliver, Dionysius Boye, Henry Doroghe, Henry oge, Patrick Fossarde, William O'Reredane, Ralph Case, John Neile, William Clery, Patrick O'Clery, Patrick O'Gormoke, Richard Harroell, Dermot O'Howlighen, yeomen, Nicholas Clere, Christopher Gaffney, bishop of Ossory, Richard Rothe, clerk, archdeacon of Ossory, William Kegho, clerk, rector of Kilmanaghe, co. 
Kilkenny, William [ 

], John Neile, clerk, chancellor of Ossory, Peter White, clerk, rector of Mayne, co. 
Kilkenny, Adam Lawles, of the Irishetowne of Kilkenny, gent., 
John Bussher, Maurice [ ], Richard Power, Richard Dowley, John Dowley, Richard Money, Robert Power, Geoffrey Rothe fitz David, and William Dowley, of the same place, merchants, William Dowley, Philip Kenane, Nicholas Flemyng, Thady O'Lowrowe, Philip O'Lowrowe, James [ ], Thomas OThelane, John O'Howyne, Patrick O'Hayne, William O'Howyn, David Mac Evrahowne, Conacius O'Bolger, Dermot O'Fenell, Thomas O'Dul-lane, John O'Multullee, William [ ], John O'Dullane, Thomas Power, Hugh Dowley, James Troye, Dermot Opieghane, Thomas O'Dowgyne, William Mony, William O'Brenane, Dermot Duffe, Patrick O'Kcrine, John O'Brenane, Robert O'Kewane, Donald [ ], James Lawles, Thomas [ ], Edmund O'Brenane, Thomas O'Kelly, John Dowley, Philip