Local Government Board for Ireland: sixth report with appendices

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32 Provisional Orders. 
provisions, with respect to the supply of water, with respect to the making and maintaining of public sewers and to private and district assessments for sewers, drains, and private improvements), in the Town and District of Strandtown on the 25th February, 1878, and issued the necessary orders and directions fixing the number of Commissioners for carrying into effect the provisions of the Act in that town. 
By-Laws for regulating common lodging-houses have been submitted to and approved by us in the following Unions namely, Mullingar and Midleton, and also in the town of Portadown. 
Supplementary By-Laws providing for the inspection of common lodging-houses by the Constabulary have also been issued to the Unions of Urlingford, Ennis, and Killarney. 
Orders have been made and Gazetted prohibiting further interments in Parsonstown old church-yard, in the burial ground at Drumbane, near Parsonstown, in the burial ground attached to the Presbyterian Church at Parsonstown, and in the old burial ground at Bostrevor, in the parish of Kilbroney, County Down. 
We have also issued licensps under the 10th section of the Burial Grounds Act in certain individual cases, authorizing, when the circumstances appeared to warrant it, interments in burial grounds which had been ordered to be closed. 
These exceptional cases occurred in relation to the burial grounds of Cruagh, Whitechurch, Templeogue, and Dalkey, in the County of Dublin, St. 
Mark and St. 
Patrick's Cathedral in the City of Dublin, Killeely, in the County of the City of Limerick, the Chapel of Ease, Londonderry, and St. 
Mary Shandon, in the Borough of Cork. 

Public Health Act. 
We have now gone through three complete years trial of the provisions of the Public Health Act, 1874, of which those re¬ lating to Sewerage and the Supply of Water, appear to be far the most important. 
In large cities and towns like Dublin, Belfast, Cork, and Limerick, operations for these purposes, undertaken as they must be, on a large scale, are not very promptly resolved upon by the Governing Bodies, who naturally desire to carry with them the general approval of the citizens in regard to the considerable cost of such plans as they could suitably adopt. 
We find there¬ fore, the second class of cities and towns such as Waterford, Wex¬ ford, Londonderry, Kilkenny, Sligo, and Tralee, to be more forward in application for loans for these purposes. 
The smaller towns in Ireland are, from the constitution ' of their Governing Bodies, less disposed to act in a public spirit, and to expend money for sanitary purposes; and such of them as contain sufficient population (6,000), to be Urban Sanitary Authorities, that is to say under the control, not of Boards of Guardians, but of Town or Township Commissioners, can, if so minded, evade any expenditure of this nature in, the present state