Certain matters relating to the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth, near Dublin: report, minutes of evidence and appendix

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"The duties are, to lecture in two of the three terms of each year in subjects to be appointed by the Board, and to assist at the Divinity Examinations held by the Professor of Divinity, and by Archbishop King's Lecturer. 
The salary is £100 per annum. 
" The Professor of Ecclesiastical History, appointed by the Provost and Senior Fellows. 
The tenure of the office is for five years. 

" The duties are, to lecture twice a week during two of the three terms in each year for all Students requiring the testimonial of the Professor of Divinity, to hold an examination in each year for prizes in Ecclesiastical History, and to examine in Ecclesiastical History at the Divinity Professor's Prize Examination. 
The salary is £100 per annum. 
" Four Assistants to the Professor of Divinity, appointed by the Provost and Senior Fellows. 
"The Assistants appointed before the year 187C held the office usually during tho continuance of then-Junior Fellowship. 
The tenure of those subsequently appointed is fixed by the Provost and Senior Fellows at the time of their appointment. 
" The duties are, to lecture Students twice a week during each term in the second year of their Divinity Course, and to assist the Professor in the Divinity Examinations. 
The salary of each Assistant is £50 per annum. 
" Five Assistants to Archbishop King's Lecturer in Divinity, appointed by the Provost and Senior Fellows. 
" The duties are, to lecture Students twice a week during each term in the first year of their Divinity Course, and to assist Archbishop King's Lecturer in the Divinity Examinations. 
The tenure of office and the salary are the same as those of the Assistants to the Professor. 
" N.B.—The 
Senior of the nine Assistants receives £ GO per annum. 
" Note.—The 
list given above does not include Catechetical Lecturers, or other persons appointed to give religious instruction to all classes of Students, as it was assumed that the questions were intended to refer solely to the Divinity School." 

We also further inquired as to the dates of the creation of the several offices mentioned in our preceding questions. 
We have been unable to find the exact date of the creation Mr.Pilking-
of the Professorship of Divinity; we have been informed, however, that the first ton, Q. 
Professor was Luke Challoner, who was one of the three Fellows named in the original 

Charter of the College in 1591, and that Archbishop Ussher was appointed to succeed him in the office in 1607. 
App No Archbishop King's Lecture was founded in 1718. 
The Professorship of Biblical Greek was founded in 1838. 

The Professorship of Ecclesiastical History was founded in 1850. 
The first Assistant Divinity Lecturer was appointed in 1783. 
The first Assistant to Archbishop King's Lecturer was appointed in 1833. 
We also inquired the nature and dates of change (if any) made in the salaries, emolu¬ ments, or duties of the several offices before mentioned, during the last twenty-five years. 
We learn from the Registrar that the following changes have taken place in the salary App. 
and emoluments of the Regius Professor:— xvr. 


£ (1) By King's Letter, Car. 
the salary named was . 
, , . 
, . 
, 80 (2) „ „ 

1 Geo. 
the salary was raised to ..... 
500 (3) „ „ 

30 Geo. 
ILL, the salary was raised to 700 (4) „ „ 

54 Geo. 
the salary was raised to £1,300 Irish, equal to £1,200 British currency. 
Twelve pounds were added as compensation for degree fees by Decree dated 18th December, 

1858, pursuant to statute of 18 Vic, making the salary ..... 
1,212 No change appears to have been made in his duties during the last twenty-five years. 
There have been in the same period no changes in the salary, emoluments, or duties of either 

Archbishop King's Lecturer, The Professor of Biblical Greek, or The Professor of Ecclesiastical History. 
In June, 1867, the salary of the Senior Assistant-Lecturer was raised from £36 185. 
to £60 per annum; and the salaries of the Junior Assistants were raised from £27 145. 
to £50 per annum each. 
There does not appear to have been any change in their duties. 
As regards the endowments or emoluments of either private or public foundation connected with the study of Divinity in the College, Ave find that there have been no public grants made either by the Crown or Parliament for the purposes of the Divinity School. 
The private endowments are as follows:— *". 
,£500 late J-"8*1 currency was given by Archbishop King towards founding a Divinity Lecture for the use of the Bachelors of the College. 
In 1729 a further sum of £500, being a bequest by the Archbishop, was paid to the College for the further endowment of the Divinity Lecturer. 
These endowments were invested in the purchase of £388 17s, Sd Bank of Ireland Stock in 1869. 
The income arising therefrom has varied from £35 to £52 9s. 
per annum, and has been applied in part payment of the salary of the Divinity Lecturer. 
The salary since 1S33 has been £700 a year—the increase having in that year been granted by the Board as a charge on the Decrements.* 
* Decrements are the fees to be paid by the Students, which are imposed by the sole authority of the Board.