Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland: eleventh report

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1087 (871). 
Grant, under letters 27 March, to John Alen, son and 

heir of Thomas Alen; of the preceptory or manor of Kilheele, the lands of Kilheele, Cromwellston by Calliaghton, Kilwarnyng by Castlewarnyng, Johnston, Rathmore, Sherlokeston ancl the Naas, and elsewhere in the county Kildare belonging to the said pre¬ ceptory ; reciting that they, with Kilbride, coimty Dublin, by theThrecastells, were leasee! 
to Thomas Alon for 51 years, 10 June xxxiv. 
Also the rectory of Kilheele with the tithes of Poncheston, Ecleston, Blakehall, the litle Nowcton, Agarret, the White more, Godament, Phillippston, Wolfeston, Cromwollston, Kylwamyng, and Walsheston; reciting a lease from Jolm Rawson, prior of S. 
John of Jerusalem, to Thomas Alen of Kilheele, esq., 
and Mary his wife,-12 July 1539, for 99 years. 
To hold to him ancl the heirs male of the body of his father Thomas Alen, by the service of a twentieth part of a knight's fee, at a rent of £0 13s. 
for the manor, and £12 for the rectory, finding a fit priest or chaplain for the church.—30 
June, ix. 

497, art. 
1088 (873). 
Grant, under letters 20 Feb., 
to George Parrys, 

of £17 2s. 
of the rent reserved in No. 
To hold for life. 
Also the remainder expectant on the death of George Gamon without heirs male, of the lands-; therein granted. 
To hold in tail male, by the service of a U\ entieth part of a knight's fee.—30 
June, ix. 
1089 (902). 
Lease, under letters 10 May, ix., 
to Christopher Nugent, English, lord of Delvin ; of the site of the priory or manor of Fowre, county 

Westmeath,lands of Fowre, a lough there called [Logheleyn], lands of Hilton, Carpenterston, Myl casteltowne, Gilberston, Rah en, Dromsawry, with a chapel ancl tithes, Comoylston, Lighill alias Larkehill by the parts of the Breny, Fayron, Keneleighe, Ratheny, Donamore, Betaghton, Nynche, 13s. 
chief rent out of Nenaghe, in the said county, and the customs of the tenants ; the rectories of S. 
Mary in Power, S. 
Fekins in Fower, Archidiorum in Fower, Fayron, Faghley, Mayne, Leigheblay, Dromiskille, Ragarf, Oldecastell, and Balmagarvy, in the counties of Meath ancl West¬ meath, ancl diverse parsonages in the Breny. 
Also the site of the monastery of Inchemore, in Anna-lie O'Ferralie Bane, the land of the Island of Inchemore, in Loughgawne, ancl lands of Castlerichard ancl Ballene[ ]. 
To hold the possessions of Fower, for 21 years from 1582, at a rent of £175 10s. 
ancl maintaining five horsemen, and Inchemore for 21 years from 1581, rent £6 14s. 
maintaining two horsemen. 
Not to alien without license under the great seal, and not to levy coyn.—30 
June, ix. 
1090 (904). 
Lease, under commission 8 October, vii., 
to Henry English. 
Cooley (endorsed Cowley), esq.; 
of the site of the priory of white 

friars of Kylharmike alias Kylcormok, in O'Molloyes country, land near Kylharmik, Kylbore in Kylharmik, Ballenrahin and Ballentulghan, Aghenlegan, the Hakeres near Kylharmik, and the rectory of Kylharmik. 
To hold for 21 years, at a rent of £5 Is. 
Not to levy coyn.—30 
June, ix. 
1091 (866). 
License to Geoffry Crosse, prebendary of a moiety of 

Donamore Amayle • to be absent in England for six years.—30 
June3 ix.