Local Government Board for Ireland: third report with appendices

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34 Local Government Acts.

S. From the Town Council of the City of Londonderry for per¬
mission to put in force the provisions of the Lands Clauses Con¬
solidation Act in respect to certain lands already demised to the
Corporation, to construct new main sewers in the city and to
borrow money for the purpose.

4. From the Town Commissioners of Coleraine for permission
to put in force the powers of the Lands Clauses Consolidation
Act in order to obtain land for a cemetery.

31. We have received applications with a view to the adoption
of the provisions of the Towns Improvement Act from the towns
of Strabane, Lisbum, Killarney, and Magherafelt. In the cases
of Strabane and Lisburn the provisions of the 9th Geo. IV., c. 82,
were in force in the town. In Killarney the provisions of the
Towns Improvement Act had been adopted some years ago, but
had been allowed to fall into abeyance, no Commissioners under
the Act having been elected for several years past. The necessary
preliminary proceedings having been all gone through, in these
three cases the provisions of the Act were adopted, and Com¬
missioners have been elected. In the case of Magherafelt we were
unable to entertain the application, it being found on examination
that the town did not, according to the last population returns
made pursuant to Act of Parliament, contain a population of 1,500

Applications were also received from the towns of Castlebar
and Westporb, which had already adopted some of the provisions
of the Towns Improvement Act, with a view to the adoption, in
the former case, of those provisions of the Act which relate to
cleansing, aaid in the latter of those provisions which relate to
lighting. In the case of Castlebar the provisions were adopted,
but at the meeting of ratepayers at Westport the resolution for
the adoption of the provisions of the Act in regard to lighting the
town was negatived.

By-laws for the regulation of hackney carriage fares in the
city of Waterford, and for the regulation of common lodging-
houses in the town of Lisburn, the city of Kilkenny, and the
Union of Mountmelick have been submitted to and approved by
the Board.

Since the date of our lag't Report we have made and gazetted
Orders prohibiting, with certain exceptions, further interments
in the burial ground attached to the parish church of St. Mark's,
Dublin, and in the burial ground of KiUaconenagh, in the parish
of Killaconenagh, in the county of Cork. We have also issued
licences under the 10th section of the Burial Grounds Act,
authorizing, in special individual cases, where the circumstances
seemed to warrant it, interments in burial grounds which had
been ordered to be closed. These exceptional cases applied ta
the following burial grounds:—Cruagh, in the county of Dublin;
Whitechurch, in the county of Dublin; St. Peter's, in the city of
Dublin; St. Mark's, in the city of Dublin; Templerainy, in the
county of Wicklow ; and St. Peter's, in the borough of Athlone