Local Government Board for Ireland: second report with appendices

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34 Sanitary Acts, boon obstructed, not by tho unwillingness of tho Burial Boards so much as by tho difficulty tho latter find in obtaining suitable ground for the purpose. 
l<\>r example, in the town of (h\ way this useful and necessary work has been bimight U> a hUuuI-hUII by tho absolute refusal of a public body to Mill the only ground properly situated where a sullioiont depth of soil could bo had; while in tho South Dublin Union an agreement to sell has been interrupted by tho inability of tho owner to give a title in feo-simplo. 
It is plain under" these circumstances that both com¬ pulsory powers to purchase and enabling powers to sell hind for new burial grounds ought to bo made part of the law at once, with a view to its proper and effective administration especially as wo cannot when tho public health is in question, and when public decency is daily outraged by overcrowding, decline to close burial grounds on representation being duly made to us of tho facts. 
We therefore earnestly recommend to your Grace's atten¬ tion the propriety of the burial ground law being amended in the particulars above referred to. 

Other business, which has devolved upon us by the transfer of powers enacted by tho Local Government Board Act, relates lo the adoption of the Towns Improvement Act by towns not already governed by that Act, tho approval of by-laws, market tolls, and days for holding fairs and markets, ami tho approval of loans proposed to bo obtained by the governing bodies of towns. 
We have received applications for the adoption of tho pro¬ visions of the Towns Improvement Act by tho towns of Strabano and Monaghan. 
In the former case the necessary approval has been given and tho election of Town Commissioners is now being procoeclod with; in the latter case wo wore unablo to a/pprovo tho boundaries proposed and no further step has been taken, In the following towns and townships the obtaining of loans has been approved;—-Killiney and Ballybrack, for procuring a supply of water; Aughnacloy, for tho erection of a town-hall; Lnrgnn, for providing fire engine and appliances; Balbriggan, for improving sewerage; Dungarvan (additional), for building market-house; Ballymena, for providing a now cemetery. 

Sanitary Adn. 
The Boards of Guardians of Unions wherever thoy are the sow authority have tho power to supply the towns and villages within their jurisdiction with pure water, and thoy aro beginning to show a due sense of the vast importance of this part of tho sanitary law, removing as it does the active cause of most of the febrile complaints prevailing in the country districts. 
Thus our ordinary Poor Law Union correspondence gives indi¬ cation daily of increased attention to tho supply of pure water m the digging of new wells, construction or repair of pumps effected at no considerable expense, sometimes with, and some¬ times without, the aid of tho landlord, There are cases, however, in. 
which a proper supply cannot bo