Accounts and works of railways in Ireland: minutes of evidence

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royal commission on eaxlways:

board regret having to decline until they are in a position
to know how far such divulging of affairs pertaining to
management of a private property may be acceptable to the
general body of shareholders.

" I am, sir, your obedient serv:':it,

" T. Ainswokth, Secretary.

" The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Waterford."

The deputation waited upon the board at the time
appointed, and at the interview they were informed,

" That the board of directors did not deny the correct¬
ness of the heads of arrangements as read at the Town-hall

" That they were in operation and acted on since Jaunary
1864, although not regularly executed and signed for some
months later.

" That the board did not consider these arrangements as
injurious to the port and trade of "Waterford, and it was
stated in evidence thereof, that the traffic for the half-
year ending the 31st December 1864, showed a carrying
in goods of 49,000 tons, as against a similar traffic in
1863 of 45,000 tons; and further they would join in trjang
to develop and increase the traffic and commerce of

The committee having again met on Friday, the 10th of
February, the Mayor in the chair, and having taken the
several matters into consideration are of opinion, from the
information received, that the heads of through traffic ar¬
rangements, as read at the meeting of the 23rd December
last, are true and correct, and have been in operation during
the year 1864.

That this committee, with all respect for the opinions of
the directors, considers these arrangements to be well calcu¬
lated to divert the traffic of the districts to England, via
Dublin, and vitally injure the trade and commerce of Water¬
ford and the southern communications.

The committee submit that in 1859, when a measure also
calculated to divert the traffic was proposed by the then
Waterford and Limerick railway directors, it was strenu¬
ously and effectively resisted by Waterford and the south,
and they recommend that resolutions similar to the fol-
lo-sving, v/hich were then agreed to, should now be

" At a public meeting of the citizens of Waterford, held
m the To^TO Hall on Friday, the 9th day of December
1859, convened by the Mayor on requisition, for the pur¬
pose ' of considering the effect of a Bill respecting the
' sale of the Waterford and Limerick Railway to the Great
' Southern and Western Railway Company, about being
' introduced in the next session of Parliament,' the Right
WorshipfulJohn Mackesy, M.D., Mayor, presided, and the
following resolutions were unanimously adopted :

" Moved by Joseph Fisher, Esq., and seconded by Dr.
Wm. Carroll, T.C.:

" ' Resohed, That James Delahnnty, Esq., do act as
secretary to the meeting.'

" Moved by William Malcohnson, Esq., and seconded by
John A. Blake, Esq., M.P. :

" ' Resolved, That finding the Directors of the Waterford
and Limerick Railway Company have, by the casting vote
of then- chairman, agreed to recommend the sale of that line
to the Great Southern and Western Company, we hereby
express our decided conviction that such a measure, by
placing a monopoly in the hands of one powerful company,
â– would prove injurious to the port and trade of Waterford,
as well as to the interests of the south of Ireland generally,
tending as it manifestly does, to the centralising of the trade
to Dublin.'

" Moved by Thomas W. Jacob, Esq., and seconded by
Thomas Murphy, Esq. (mayor elect):

" ' Resolved, That any Bill introduced into Parliament
for this object shall, for the reasons above stated, receive
our strenuous opposition, and that a committee be now ap¬
pointed to obtain the requisite funds for defraying the
necessary expenditure; and that they solicit grants for this
purijose from the corporation and other public bodies
in the city, whose interests -svill be affected by the pro¬
posed measure, and that they rejjort to an adjournment
of this meeting ; the committee to consist of the following

Edward Roberts.
Henry White.
John Power, J.P.
J. S. Richardson.
Charles Ambrose.
P. Cox, T.C.
A. Denny.

H. Gallwey, T.C.

J. Fisher.

C, Redmond, T.C.
T. B. Prossor, J.P.

Capt. Johnson (City High

Sheriff elect).

Edmond Power, J.P.'

" Moved by James Delahunty, Esq., and seconded by
Col. Roberts:

" ' Resolved, That the Bank of Ireland be requested to
act as treasurer to the funds to be subscribed.'

" Moved by J. S. Richardson, Esq., and seconded by
Hemy White, Esq.:

" ' Resolved, That the members for the city of Water¬
ford, Michael D. Hassard and John A. Blake, Esqrs., and
the members for the county, the Hon. Walter C. Talbot and
John Esmonde, Esq., and other members for the south of
Ireland whom the committee may think proper to address,
be requested to afford their assistance in giving strenuous
opposition to the proposed measure.'

" Moved by Abraham Denny, Esq., and seconded by
Henry Davis, Esq., J.P. :

" ' Resolved, That the committee be requested to commu¬
nicate, either by deputation or correspondence, â– with the
other to^wns connected with the Waterford and Limerick
Railway, and also ■*vith the Great Western Railway Com¬
panies of England and the South Wales Railway, asking
them to co-operate in opposing a measure so injurious to
our common interests.'

" John Mackesy, M.D., Mayor, Chainnan.

" James Delahunty, Secretary."

They further recommend that a permanent standing com¬
mittee should now be appointed to take immediate action
for the preservation and development of the traffic of the
southern routes, and invite, for that purpose, the co-opera¬
tion and combination of all pai'ties interested therein at both
sides of the channel.

(Signed) John lawler,'Mayor, Chaii-man,

The Mayor.

The Mayor elect.
General Roberts.
W. Malcolmson.

James Delahunty.

John A. Blake, M.P.
Sir II. W, Barron. Bart.

J. D. Lapham.
T. W. Jacob.
Aid. Mackesy, J.P.
Aid. Ryan.
Aid. Davis, J.P.
Colonel Roberts.
Doctor Carroll, T.C.

Pkessrvation and Devjslofment of Traffic
between Great Britain and Ireland by the
Southern CoitiiuNiCATioNS.

At a Meeting of the Directors of the Waterford and Kilkenny
Railway Company held on Tuesday, the \Qth of January

James Delahunty, Esq., in the Chair,

It was moved by Edmond S-MITH^wick, Esq., Mayor of
Kilkenny, seconded by Michael Cahill, Esq., and

That the through traffic arrangements lately made by the
London and North-western Railway Company with South¬
ern Railway and Steam Boat Companies, are eminently
calculated â– to divei-t and draw the traffic of the south of
Ireland to and from England, via Dublin, and thence by
Liverpool and Holyhead, and thereby damage and eventually
destroy the direc^t communications betsveen the south of
Ireland and these ports.

That such diversion and withdrawal of traffic from the
southern routes is effected by the facilities afforded in con¬
veying traffic to all the principal manufacturing and business
towns in England, Bi'a Dublin, there being at least an average
sailing from that port of four steamers per day mth goods
traffic to Liverpool or Holyhead, and which facilities obtain
and secure a preference for the Dublin line when goods are
carried by all routes at equal rates.

That the preser\-ation and development of the southern
traffic comm-unications between Great Britain and Ireland
equally affect the interests of the trading communities at
both sides of the Channel, particularly the south and south¬
east of Ireland, South Wales, and the west and south-west
of England, and we therefore deem it necessary to call ujion
the municipalities, the railway and other companies in-
tei'ested, to adopt such timely measures as may be con¬
sidered necessary to preserve the existing traffic, and also
open up and develop other channels of trade and traffic
that are now closed to the southern ports.

That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to all
parties interested, and their co-operation and assistance be
respectfully and earnestly solicited.

That the Waterford and Limerick Railway Board he
solicited to unite with us in promoting and effecting the
foregoing objects.

James Delahunty, Chairman.

William William.s, Secretarv