Return of judicial statistics of Ireland, 1863 (part I, police; criminal proceedings; prisons) (part II, common law and equity; civil and canon law)

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Quarter Sessions 

Appeals from Magistrates, Spirit Licences, Indictments (Table, p. 

The Court of Quarter Sessions in Ireland being presided over by the Chairman of the County, or Irish County Court Judge, a table has been introduced showing the appeals from magistrates—which are given in another form in the English statistics—the applications for spirit licences, and the disposal of bills of indictment. 
There were in 1863 :— 

Appeals from Magistrates to Quarter Sessions :-

Affirmed, . 
Reversed, . 
No rule, or not stated, Applications for spirit licences :— 

Granted, . 
Refused, . 

Persons against whom bills were found :— 

Found guilty, Acquitted, . 
Otherwise disposed of, 

442 251 18 

711 1,886 975 

2,861 2,648 1,152 694 


Court for the consideration of Grown oases re¬ served (Table, p. 

The Court for the consideration of Crown cases reserved, constituted by 11 and 12 Vic, c. 
78, corresponds to the Court of Criminal Appeal in England. 
There were only two appeals before it in 1863. 


Obtaining money and goods, Arson, .... 

Commission Court, Total. 

1 } 2 I 1 

Judgment Affirmed. 

pEiaosfg, PRISONS. 

Costa of Prisons (Table 1, p. 

Very complete statistics of the county and borough prisons in Ireland being collected annually by the Inspectors-General of Prisons in Ireland and annexed to their reports, it was not deemed' expedient to attempt to collect for the present volume parallel infor¬ mation by distinct returns. 
The only distinct returns obtained were from the War Office, the Secretary of the Admiralty, and the Commissioners of Inland Revenue ; and they give the proportion of expenses paid by the Customs for revenue prisoners, and by the Admiralty for navy prisoners. 
The sums paid for military prisoners are not given, the War Office accounts not being classified so as to exhibit the details required. 
The total expends of count}* and borough gaols in Ireland in 1863 was .£83,110 
These expen>e^ were defrayed from the following sources :— 

Receipts from labour of prisoners. 
Public Funds : 

Her Majesty's Treasury, for convicted 2>risoner.«, 
Customs for revenue prisoners, . 
Navy for naval prisoners, Local Taxes: 

County ratcf, -County of city and town rates, . 

,£83,110 8 2| * This Court corresponds to the Central Criminal Couit in England. 

£ 8. 
d, £ s. 

2,517 14 8 8,933 16 169 4 82 13 

9 8* G" 54,805 11 16,601 6 

1H 71 /Iftfi IS 7