Correspondence relative to improvement of harbour of Wexford, 1858-61

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RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons, 

dated 14 May 1861 ;—for} 

COPY " of any Minute made by the Treasury, and of any Correspon¬ dence between the Treasury and Admiralty, or between the Treasury and other Persons, relative to the Improvement of the Harbour of Wexford, since the Year 1858." 

Whitehall, Treasury Chambers,"! 


29 May 1861. 

*' l ihiuh-

The Secretary for Ireland to the Secretary to the Treasury. 

Irish Office, Whitehall, 1 August 1859. 
I beg to transmit to you, for the consideration of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, a copy of a memorial received from the grand jury of the county of Wexford, praying for the grant of 50s000/. 
for the improvement of Wexford Harbour, as recommended by the late Board of Admiralty. 
I am, &c. 
The Secretary to the Treasury. 
(signed) Edwai^d CardwelL 

To his Excellency the Earl of Carlisle, k.g.3 
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 
The Memorial of the Grand Jury of the County of Wexford, assembled at Summer Assizes 1859. 
Humbly showeth," That your memorialists are deeply interested in the improvement of the Harbour of Wexford, and have learned with great satisfaction that the Lords of the Admiralty have recommended that a sum of 50,000/. 
should be granted in aid of a similar sum provided out of the local resources, and that both amounts should be placed in the hands of Commissioners* appointed by the Admiralty to carrv out the necessary improvements, which from the propin¬ quity of Wexford to South Wales, must be of great national benefit. 
Your memorialists are satisfied from the known anxiety of your Lordship to promote the interests of Iieland, that the importance of this improvement will be concurred in, and the recommendation of the Admiralty for a grant of 50,000 /. 
in aid of local resources will be supported by the weight of your Excel¬ lency's influence. 

And your memorialists, &c. 

J For Self and Fellows, 

(signed) Jooies Power, Bart.