Correspondence in relation to Writ of Election for County of Leitrim, and Refusal of High Sheriff to execute Writ

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3 I am further directed to remind you that your duty as High Sheriff requires you to proceed forthwith to your bailiwick, your absence from which at the approach of a general election has been already productive of public incon¬ venience. 

I have, &c. 
To W. 
Ormsby Gore, Esq., 
(signed) Thos. 
High Sheriff of the County of Leitrim, 

Gresham's Hotel. 

Ormsby Gore to the Under Secretary. 
Sir, Gresham's Hotel, Dublin, 26 March 1857. 
I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of this date, and to deny that any public inconvenience has been caused by my absence from my bailiwick. 
The postmaster of Carrick-on-Shannon must have acted on his own respon¬ sibility in forwarding the writ to London, as I was no party, directly or indi¬ rectly, to that act. 
The argument urged in my letter of this morning not having been met by you in your letter, purporting to be a reply to it, and it appearing to me to be incontrovertible, I beg to refer you to it. 

In place of your now sending me the writ as you intimate, I request you will cause it to be issued to the gentleman whom I named in my former letter, or any other whom his Excellency may approve, and thus avoid the legal and practical difficulties of which the Attorney-general suggests the possibility. 
Trusting that this constitutional demand may be acceded to, and that I may not be deprived of my privilege, nor the constituency of their rights, by so arbitrary a rule, I again beg to be relieved of the office of High Sheriff of the county of Leitrim, and remain, 

Yours, &c. 
To the Under Secretary, (signed) W. 
Ormsby Gore. 

Dublin Castle. 

From the Clerk of the Hanaper. 

Crown and Hanaper Office, Four Courts, Dublin, 

26 March 1857. 
The writ of election for the county of Leitrim was transmitted from this office to the General Post Office (with 36 other writs of election) on the 23d instant, and it was directed to " the High Sheriff of the county of Leitrim," " Carrick-on-Shannon." 

(signed) M. 

From the Secretary, Post Office. 
Sir, General Post Office, Dublin, 26 March 1857-I have the honour to enclose a copy of a report from the Controller of the Sorting Office, on the subject of the letter containing the writ of election for the county Leitrim. 

I have, &c. 
(signed) 67. 
Cornwall, Secretary. 
Larcom, The Castle* 

For the Secretary. 

Sorting Office, 26 March 1857. 
A letter, stated to contain a writ of election for the county Leitrim, was received here from the Hanaper Office on the evening of the 23d instant, addressed to the High Sheriff of county Leitrim, Carrick-on-Shannon, which was duly forwarded.