Report of the Select Committee on Outrages

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185 the desperate Rascal, he had better watch and pray, for if all police H. 
in Ireland were watching him, he will go the road, for Hell is yawn-Brownrigg, ing for him long since. 
We will send him to Fiddler's Green. 
It Esq. 
is ""long since he should have got it; there is an Establishment in 

Jonesboro' that will soon be set flames to. 
It will take Whipper in 3° ^-Pni MT)onald to never sleep, and to hell with all the Police of Ireland. 
52, We will send all who wears the cloth to Blazes. 
Hell is open for Crawford. 

I am, General Vengeance." 
Who is " Bumper Squire Jones" ?—A 
magistrate of the county. 
"Who is "Crawford"?—A 
I also produce a threatening notice served on Mr. 
Coulter, who was murdered. 
Also in the county of Louth?—In 
the county of Armagh. 
Near Crossmaglen ?—Yes. 
[The JVitness delivered in the following document, which was 

read:] Take notice, that the man who shot at those men vos not the fool to lave himself in any one's power to convict him, so do not be mistaken, i will not give up the job, i will put in a Better charge the next time, i did not wish to cill them that time, But let them re¬ number if the do not give up the lands the have taken above and below it will be as it was with Jack McGuine's, he got a good advice, but he did not take it this is no Scholby's Play, their names went true the country. 

Thomas McAide Roach, 

James Quigley Roach, do not let them Be blaming each other, MeAidle is woss than any of them, the two Countys is up agin them, let no man take a poor man's land. 
Posted on the door of one James Donelly, over the proclamation offering a reward of 801,, in the case of the murderous attack on Mr. 
Coulter in Feb. 
1849, (rather more than two years before Mr. 
19^1, Have you any other notice?—A 
threatening notice