Letters Patent to Corporate Bodies in Ireland, conveying Lands for Education; Orders by Commissioners of Education in Ireland for Free Students in Royal Colleges of Armagh, Dungannon, Enniskillen, Raphoe and Cavan, 1840-50; Correspondence on Royal College

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5 to us, our heirs or successors, issuing or payable, or upon the same, against us, .our 
heirs and successors, charged or to be charged, and these our letters patent or the enrollment thereof, shall be as well to the said Treasurer, Chancellor, and Barons of the Exchequer aforesaid, as to all and singular receivors, auditors, and other officers and ministers of us, our heirs and successors whomsoever, of our said kingdom of Ireland, for the time being, sufficient, warrant and discharge in this behalf. 
And further, of our more ample special grace, certain knowlege, and meer motion, with the assent aforesaid, we will, and by these presents, and for us, our heirs and successors, do grant to the aforesaid James Archbishop of Armagh, and his successors, that these our letters patent, or the enrollment thereof, shall be in and by all things firm, valid, good, sufficient and effectual in the law towards and against us, our heirs and successors, as well in alL our courts as elsewhere wheresoever, without any confirmation, licence or tolera¬ tion, from us, our heirs or successors, hereafter by the aforesaid James Arch¬ bishop of Armagh, or his successors, to be procured or obtained. 
Notwithstanding the not naineing or ill reciting any of the towns, town-lands, hamlets, parishes, territories, places or counties, in which the premises above by these presents before granted, or any parcel thereof, are or do lye, .and 
notwithstanding the not nameing, ill nameing, ill reciting or not reciting the premises above granted, or any parcel thereof; and notwithstanding the not finding of any office or inquisition of the premises, or any parcel thereof, by which our title ought to have been found before the making of these our letters patent; and notwithstanding the not reciting or ill reciting any demise or grant for the term of a life, lives, or years, or in fee tail or otherwise of the premises or any parcel thereof, being of record or not of record ; and not¬ withstanding any defects in the certainty, computation or declaration of the true yearly value of the premises, or any parcel thereof, or the annual rent reserved upon any demise or grant of the premises, or any parcel thereof, in these present letters patent expressed or contained, or not expressed or not contained; and notwithstanding that of the names of the tenants, farmers or occupiers of the premises, or any parcel thereof, full, true and certain mention be not made; and notwithstanding the not reciting our title of, in or to the premises, or any parcel thereof; and notwithstanding a statute made and enacted in a Parliament of the Lord Henry the Sixth, late King of England, our pre¬ decessor, in the eighteenth year of his reign, at Westminster, and afterwards .amongst 
other things, by authority of Parliament in our said kingdom of Ireland established and confirmed; and notwithstanding and any other defect in not .rightly 
naming the nature, kind, species, quantity, or quality of the premises, or any parcel thereof; and notwithstanding any other statute, act, ordinance or provision, or any other thing, cause or matter whatsoever, to the evacuation or .annihilation 
of these our letters patent in anywise notwithstanding; we will also, &c, altho' and so forth. 
In witness whereof we have caused these our letters to-be made patent; Wit¬ ness our aforesaid Deputy-general of our kingdom of Ireland, at Dublin, the •15th day of December, in the second year of our reign. 

By virtue of the letters of the Lord the King, sent from England, and •-signed by his proper hand. 

(signed) J no. 

D* K. 

Charter, 15 Dec. 

From the Patent Roll, Chancery, Ireland, of the fourth year of the reign of 

King Charles the First. 

" Charter of Cariesfort." 
Charles, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c..—To 
all men to whome these presents shall come greeting :—Know yee, That Wee, of our especial grace, certain knowlege and meer motion, by the advice and consent of our right trusty and well beloved cousin and eouri1, Henry Lord Viscount Falkland, our deputy-general 47 5-A3 of 


Charter, 23 August 1629,