Papers relating to proceedings for relief of distress, and state of unions and workhouses in Ireland, 1849

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Dissolution of

of Guardians.

Thurles Union.


wards heard lie was Tom Dolierty's servant boy; saw tlircc cows on tlio land tliat day;
Sweeny seized the cows for the rates; deponent was present, and assisted in taking tho
cows; the cattle were driven down to the road; after they were on the road, the first man
who came up was Larry Shanahan; did not know him before that day; two other men
then came to his assistance; Shanahan at that time had a pitchfork in liis hand; one of
the men had a wattle, and the other had stones in his hands; this happened on the road
at Lisheenatagart; Shanahan told Sweeny he should not take away the cows ; Sweeny bid
him to take care what he was about; Shanahan said ho did not want to deny his name—
that he was Larry Shanahan; he then whistled and shouted for help ; this deponent was
close to Sweeny the whole time; they were on tho road; and never hoard Shanahan tell
him he had seized on cattle that did not belong to ]3oherty; did not hear Shanahan state
that the cattle belonged to Pat Fogai-tj', or that they were only trespassing on Doherty's
land; did not hear any such conversation pass between Sweeny and Shanahan; was close
to Sweeny the whole time, except wliile he was following a cow in over tho ditch to drive
her out again ; admits he did hear Shanahan state, that the cattle seized did not belong to
the land, when Sweeny answered that he would hold what he had got on the land; never
heard Larry Shanahan offer to show Sweeny suiBcient property on the land belonging to
Doherty; Shanahan then whistled and called tho men to his assistance; the men came up,
and one of them raised a wattle over deponent's head; this was still njjon tho road at
Lisheenatagart; heard a shot then fired from behind the ditch, and as deponent believes,
out of a pistol; was within twent}- yards of where the shot was fired; did not see the
sinoke; the men took away the cattle; Sweeny and this deponent then went home to
Templemore ; as well as deponent can judge, it is about half a mile from Lisheenatagart
to the ford of Graigue; Larry Shanahan opposed the taking of the cattle the whole way
along; he was trying to force them back; a short way from Lishoeuatagart Shanahan
turned in off the road; that was after the two men came up; Shanahan then came out
on the road at the ford; it was there the man raised the wattle over deponent; it was also
there that the shot was fired ; the shot was fired after the cattle were rescued; deponent
did not swear informations for the rescue, and is unable to give any further evidence upon
this inquiiy.

The cojijiissioners to tlie Clerk to the Guardians ;—September 18, 1848.

The Commissioners have had before them a report from their Inspector, Mr.
Labarte, with the evidence taken on oath by him, respecting the charges against
Mr. Daniel Sweeny, poor rate collector in the Thnrles Union, contained in the
memorial addressed to the Commissioners by Mr. Thomas Fogarty, on the 17th
of June last.

The evidence given in the inquiry has satisfied the Commissioners that they
were fully justified in requiring Mr. Sweeny's resignation in the month of July
last, and in their subsequent refusal to sanction his re-appointment by the Board
of Guardians.

The Commissioners transmit for the information of the Board of Guardians a
copy of the evidence taken by Mr. Labarte in this case ; and they forward at the
same time an order under seal, removing Mr. Sweeny from the office of collector
of poor rates, which order renders him ineligiljle to any office connected with
the administration of the poor laws, without the previous consent of the Com¬

The Commissioners request the guardians to proceed in the appointment of a
successor to Mr. Sweeny in the usual course.

Extract from Minutes of Board of Guardians:—October 3, 1848.

The board proceeded to election of rate collectors.

No. 1. Thurles district—Thurles electoral division—James Bourke, of Thurles, late
master of workhouse, elected; no other candidate ; security approved of.

No. 2. Moycarkey district—Candidates : Vernon Lamphier, thirteen votes; Tim Meara,
eleven votes. Vernon Lamphier, Parkstown, elected.

No. 3. BooHck district—Candidate: John Ryan, Boolick, late collector for Thurles;
elected ; no other candidate.

No. 4. Moyne district—Candidates: William Carroll, late collector, eighteen votes;
Thomas Daly, seven votes. William Carroll elected.

No. 5. Templetoohy district—Candidates : Michael Gorman, seventeen votes ; Thomas
Crawford, four votes; John O'Meara, four votes. Michael Gorman, Garranroe, elected.

No. 6. Templemore district—Candidate: Daniel Sweeny, late collector, dismissed by
Commissioners. No other candidate appearing. Sweeny was elected.

No. 7. Drom district—Candidate: Pierce Steaklum, late collector. No other candidate;
Pierce Steaklum elected.

No. 8. Mealiffe district—Candidates: Timothy Steaklum, twelve votes ; Darby Quinane,
fifteen votes. Darby Quinane, Gortnacrana, elected.

No. 9. Borrisoleigh district—Candidate; Eody Conners, late collector. No other candi¬
date ; Rody Conners, Fantane, elected.