Papers relating to proceedings for relief of distress, and state of unions and workhouses in Ireland, 1848

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Names of Immediate Lessors included in the List of Defaulters, dated 10th January, 1848, 

who have since paid their Rates. 
Amount paid. 

Sir Robert Lynch Blosse, Bart. 
Mervyn Pratt, Esq. 
Lynch, Esq. 
Ormsby Ellwood, Esq. 

Malachi Tuohy, Esq. 
John Finn, Esq. 
Lord Clanmorris . 
Walter Joyce, Esq. 
Lady Norbury Anthony J. 
French W. 
Kearney, Esq. 
Clair O'Malley, Esq. 
George H. 
Moore, Esq. 

159 0 0 10 o If still clue. 
21 10 9 78 11 9 due. 
50 2 8 30 (3 5 clue. 
28 12 7* 24 14 6 23 10 2\ 21 2 71 20 8 21 26 17 9 10 17 7 18 0 0 213 6 13 5 5f unpaid. 
38 0 11* £464 1 4j March 14,1848. 
William Malley, Collector. 

The Vice-Guardians to the Commissioners :—March 20, 1848. 
We have the honour to inform you that the rate collector of this Union has not made any lodgment on account of his collection with the treasurer since our last report, nor has he, as will be seen by reference to the minutes of our proceed¬ ings, complied with the orders made at previous Boards. 
The reason he has assigned is his having been for the last fortnight engaged at the assizes as collector of grand jury cess, and he has promised to devote himself in the most strenuous manner to the collection of the poor rates henceforward. 
Our position has become extremely embarrassing both by the non-collection of the rates, and that a considerable portion of the rates already collected have been applied to out-door relief, as well as that a large sum is still due to contractors who supplied food previous to grants being made by the British Association to aid us in providing for the persons on out-door relief. 
We have no funds to pay the contractors lor the carriage and distribution of the meal drawn from the Commissariat depots, and we fear that all the contractors will stop the supplies for the house, and that none will come forward to enter into new contracts from the 2oth instant. 

There are now 20,051 persons on the relieving officers' lists, 1016 having been added this week, from such numbers of applicants, having qualified themselves by a tender of a portion of their holdings, reserving the house and quarter-acre, and being reported destitute; but as those entitled to relief will be very consider¬ ably lessened in consequence of the order to discontinue it to certain classes, we do not estimate that more than 400/. 
will be required for the week ending the 1st of April. 
The relieving officers'books having been ruled on Saturday, and the order issued for the provision, we were unable to put your sealed order, dated on the 18th instant, and this clay laid before the Board, in force further than to direct the relieving officers not to issue rations to the able-bodied men of 18 years and above, and to be prepared to strike off the married not having more than two children dependent upon them, at the next Board day. 
Captain Farren handed in two orders, each for 250/. 
worth of provisions, granted by the British Association to assist us in providing for the destitute poor, and we have issued orders on the depot at Ballina for 207/. 
worth, and on that at Ballinrobe for 239/. 

Reply to the foregoing -.—March 
25, 1848. 
The Commissioners desire to state, that under the circumstances mentioned in your report of the 20th instant, they will make application for the further advance of 400/. 
required to provide for the exigencies of Castlebar Union in the week ending the 1st proximo.