Return of Commissions of Charitable Donations and Bequests, Ireland, since 1830

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100 Clotilda Fitzgerald-continued-



Prerogative C«^ and after his death, then according to the discretion and distribution of the person who for 18sa the time being shall for ever thereafter be the inheritor of and in possession ofthe Lisquinlan estate, or his or her guardian or guardians, in case of minority. 
(Codicil, dated 25th April 1832.)—Now 
I do hereby direct the same to be annexed to said -will, and to be taken as part thereof, inasmuch as the property that I am possessed of, as well my charge on the Corkbeg estate, or in the funds, will be sufficient to pav the amount of the legacies I have disposed of by my said will; I hereby direct that said charge on the Corkbeg estate and the money in the funds (save the sum of 200 /. 
left in charity, and the bequest of 20/. 
unto my maid servant, which shall be paid out ofthe money in the funds imme¬ diately after my decease), shall remain at interest on their present securities, until, by accumulation ofthe interest thereof respectively, a sum sufficient to discharge the full amount of the entire of said legacies shall be created, until which time I further direct that interest shall not commence or be payable on the legacies left by me unto my nieces. 
Patrick Farnan, late of Clonmellan, County Westmeath, Shopkeeper: V I leave 100/. 
sterling for the purpose of building a gallery in the chapel of Clonmellan, at the end next the belfry. 
I bequeath 50/. 
to purchase coarse clothing for the poor of Clon¬ mellan and the neighbourhood. 
Anne Helena Fletcher, late of Lisburn, County Antrim, Spinster: 

I leave and bequeath to the poor of Derriaghythe sum of 500/., 
to be placed out in Government or other security, and the interest thereof to be divided by the person who shall be the Protestant clergyman of the^ said parish for the time being, amongst the indigent house¬ keepers in said parish on each Christmas-day. 
I give and bequeath to the poor ofthe parish of Lisburn the sum of 100/.; 
the said sum of 100/. 
to be divided by the Protestant clergy¬ man of said parish, upon the Christmas-day next after my decease, amongst the indigent house¬ keepers in said parish. 
Thomas Hayes, late of Evergreen, Liberties of the City of Cork, Esquire: ,/ Thirdly, I leave and bequeath to the Reverend Theobald Mathew, for his chapel, the sum of 300 /. 
And as to the rest, residue, and remainder of all and singular such real and personal estates, goods, chattels, assets, property, fortune, stock, and effects, of whatsoever nature, kind, or sort soever, or wheresoever situate, lying, and being, whereof I may or shall die seised, pos¬ sessed of, or entitled unto, and not hereinbefore disposed of, I leave, demise, and bequeath the same, and all and every part and parts thereof, unto my executor hereinafter named, and to his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, to be applied, expended, and laid out by him and them as he and they shall see fit and proper for charitable purposes. 
Roger Hayes, late of Ballintemple, Parish Priest of Dunaskea and Knockaville, County Tipperary: V I will, that immediately after my decease, that 100 masses be offered to Almighty God to 

my intention, and that no more than 1 /. 
be given to each priest, and that my present and former coadjutors be the first required to offer these masses. 
I will and bequeath the sum of 10/. 
to the poor of these parishes, to be appropriated by my executors to any charitable purposes they may deem fit. 
John Hussey, Irishtown, County of City of Dublin, Catholic Priest: V I leave the sum of 50 /. 
for masses for my soul. 
Mary Anne Hill, late of the Town of Newcastle, County Limerick: 

My furniture I desire to be sold by auction, and the profits thereof given to the poor, by the Rev. 
Edward Cry sen. 
Arminella Haven, Belfast, County Antrim, Spinster: 

And 100 /. 
to the Poorhouse in Belfast, and 50 /. 
to the Fever Hospital, and 50 /. 
to the House of Industry, which will be 400 /., 
which you will get in the Belfast bank. 
-Edward O'Connor, late of Ballingar, County Roscommon, Esquire : 

\/ I give to the chapel of Ballanagar 10 /., 
and also to the person who may be parish priest at the time of my decease, 10 /.; 
I also give 10 /. 
to the poor of the parish of Killorkey. 
Richard Levingston, late of Westport, in the County of Mayo : 

And I do give 200 /. 
to charitable and religious purposes, to persons professing the Pro¬ testant religion. 
Lockhart, late ofthe Town of Boyle, County Roscommon, Spinster: 

I also give and bequeath to the Infant School of Boyle, the sum of 5 /., 
as a proof of my approval and regard for the institution. 
James Lawler, late of Bagnalstown, County Carlow, Shopkeeper: 

And if any of my said children shall die before they arrive at the age of 21 years, or receive their said fortunes, that then my said trustees shall apply the amount of such child's share to such charitable purposes as they shall think fit. 

03 Timothy