Minutes of Proceedings of Lowtherstown Board of Guardians, respecting Purchase of Site and Building of Union Workhouse; Correspondence with Poor Law Commissioners relative to Lowtherstown, Enniskillen and Lisnaskea Unions

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RETURNS to Two Orders of the Honourable The House o^o-po^ns,,..'. 

dated 13 May and 13 June 1842 ;—-for, \*' ;"'' *V' V* 

COPIES of the Minutes of Proceedings of the Lowthersiown Board of Guardians since its Formation, so far as they relate to the Site and Buildin» of the Union Workhouse:—Of all the Correspondence which has passed between the Poor Law Commissioners, the Board of Guardians, and all other Persons, relating to the Purchase of the Site and Building of said Workhouse; —Of all Orders issued by the Commissioners on same Subject; and Copv, extracted from the Maps of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, showing the Form, Limits, and relative Position of the Lowtherstown, Ennishillen, and Lisnashea Unions. 
Poor Law Commission Office,"! 
ARTHUR MOORE, Dublin, 31 May 1842. 
J Chief Clerk. 

(Captain Archdatt.J 

— II.— 
A COPY of all Correspondence which has passed between Her Majesty's late Government and the Poor Law Commissioners for Ireland, relative to the Formation of the Unions of Lowtherstown, Enniskillen, and Lisnashea, in the County of Fermanagh.—(In 
addition to the Papers presented on the 3d day of this instant June.) 
Poor Law Commission Office,! 
ARTHUR MOORE, Dublin, 22 June 1842. 
J Cliiet Clerk. 

(Sir Arthur Brooke.) 

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to he Printed, 

<2j June 1842. 

[Price 1 s. 
10 d.]