Return of Correspondence and Documents relative to Building of Castlederg Union Workhouse

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L-Architect's Estimate ; Building Contract, Specification, and 

Extra Works --p. 
5 II.—Orders 
for Extra Works given by the Architect to the Contractor p. 
20 III.—Notices 
served on the Contractor p. 
21 IV.—Communications 
between the Poor Law Commissioners and the 

Board of Guardians ; Architects' Reports ; Accounts and Memorials to the Lord Lieutenant; in the Order of Dates -p. 
21 V.—Reports 
made by the Assistant Architects to the Architect 

upon Surveys of the Building 

P-53 VI.—Communications 
of the Commissioners with the Contractor as 

to the Payment of his Account, and Notices served on them oy him -p.