Return of Persons to whom Licenses have been granted to keep Arms by Magistrates at Quarter Session in Ireland, 1832

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County of Cork—continued. 

Names, Residence. 
Number and Description of Arms. 

Paul J. 
Kingston John Y. 
Kingston William H. 
Kingston Thomas Kingston John P. 
Kingston William H. 
Lysaght Daniel Leary -

David Lombard George Long -Cornelius Leary Daniel Lucy James Lannon -Timothy Luddy John Lisson William Loane -

Richard Lisson -

Daniel Leary -

John Lovell Edward Lisson -

Abraham Loane Samuel Lane Robert Love William Lannin Jeremiah Murphy Jeremy Moore -

Samuel Milner -

James Morgan -John Milner Michael Murphy Timothy Monshane -

Thomas Morris -

John M. 
Mallieve Andrew Moore -Timothy Murry Timothv Murphy Edward M'Carthy -William Moxly -John Murphy -John Mahony -

James Man Michael Mennis Daniel McCarthy Daniel Murphy -John Newman » Thomas Nagle -

John Nolan Joseph Nash Thomas O'Hea -

Patrick O'Mara -

Abraham J, Oliver -

Timothy O'Sullivan -

Charles O'Hara -

Alexander O'Donovan Cornelius O'Brien Myles O'Neill -

Edward O'Brien Timothy O'Suliivan -

Patrick O'Sullivan Edward O'Brien Bradshaw Popham William Pearson James Quarry -

William Quarry -


Bantry Bantry Bandon Caheranneen Bantry Hazelwood -

Aghalusky -

Bally M'AUen Springville -

, Newtown Macroom Bandon Coolreagan -

Roughgrove Bandon Roughgrove Derrycool -

Bandon Bandon Bandon Fornalaugh -

Ballyknockane Bantry -



Glaumanarc -

Bohanagh Edencurra -

Ballineen Bantry Bantry Droumsullivan Bandon John's Grove Bandon Moskeigh -Lisnagat Kilcoleman -

Kilpatrick -

Ummery Maulavanig -

Lyre Morreagh 


-Coolmountin Egmount Scart -Mountnagle -

Knocknamuck Brotherfort -

_ Common Mountin Mitchelstown Jourmore Brittas Currybuy Bantry Manning Bouladoragh Bandon Bridgemount Millcove Castleterry -Scarthanmuck Droumclogh Moss-grove -


One gun. 
One gun and case of pistols. 

--One rifle, one case of pistols, two swords and sword cane. 
One gun. 
One gun and two pistols. 

--One double-barrel fowling-piece, one single-barrel gun and two case pistols. 
One musket. 
One gun. 
One gun, one case pistol and one sword. 
One gun. 
One gun and four pistols. 
One musket and bayonet. 
One gun and pistol. 
One fowling-piece and sword. 

--Two guns, one bayonet, one pistol and one sword. 
One musket and one pistol. 
One gun and one pistol. 
One fowling-piece and rifle gun. 
One musket and bayonet. 

--One musket and bayonet, one pistol and two swords. 
One musket. 
One fowling-piece. 

--Two single barrel guns, two cases of pistols and one sword. 
One gun, two pistols and sword. 
One gun. 
Four guns. 
One gun, one pistol and sword. 
One double-barrel gun and sword. 
One case of pistols. 
One gun. 
One gun, one pistol and bayonet. 
Four carbines and two pistols. 
^ One gun, one bayonet and one pistol. 
One gutu One gun. 

One fowling-piece, one double pistol. 
One musket and one fowling-piece. 
One gun. 
One gun. 
One gun and one pistol. 
One gun and two pistols. 
One gun. 
One gun and two pistols. 
One gun and one pistol. 
One fowling-piece. 
r One double gun and four single guns-^ One carbine, three bayonets and four pistols, One gun. 
One gun and one pistol. 
_ Two guns and two brace of pistols. 
One gun. 
, Four guns, two pistols and one sword. 
One gun. 
One gun, one pistol and sword. 
One gun. 
One gun and three pistols. 

--One fowling-piece, one musket and case of pistols. 
Three pistols and two guns. 
One gun and one bayonet. 

--One gun, one musket, one blunderbuss and one case of pistols. 
Two guns and two pistols. 

--One musket, one fowling-piece and one pistol. 
Two guns. 

C 3 

{ continued.)