Correspondence between Lieutenants of Counties and Magistrates, relative to late Elections in Ireland

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LETTER from James O'Hara, Esq., 
to P. 
Weldon, Esq. 
My dear Sir, Lanebay, Galway, Jan. 
11, 1835. 
I beg to say, that a demand has been made upon me to give police support to the voters coming from Tuam, and that the police should be placed under the superintendence of a magistrate unconnected with the county, except in his magisterial capacity. 
Can this be done ? 
If possible, I should be glad that horse police should be placed in Tuam to accompany the voters, if required; that the police at Lough George and Oranmore should be reinforced, to keep those passes open for the freeholders on all sides freely to pass up to the election. 
I hope that Captain Warburton may be placed in the command of the police in Galway. 
I beg that you will forward this letter to Major Warburton by express (as the election will commence upon Tuesday next), that is, if you and the authorities at Ballinasloe cannot of yourselves make the arrangement which 1 recluire-I am, &c. 

(signed) James O'Hara, Sheriff, Co. 

County of Kerry. 

LETTER from the Right Hon. 
the Earl of Kenmare to Sir William Gosset, 

two Enclosures.) 
Sir, Killarney, 1 Jan. 
I herewith send you two Letters which I have this day received ; one from Mr. 
Denny, who is a candidate for the representation of the borough of Tralee; the other from Mr. 
Brownrigg, the inspector of police. 
From the information I have received, T greatly fear there is much foundation for the apprehensions they express. 
The greatest efforts are making to inflame the minds of the populace in the borough, I certainly think that there, at least, it might be prudent to have an increased military force to protect the freeholders; for which purpose some cavalry would be useful. 
T, 0 J 1 have, &c. 

(signed) Kenmare, Lieut. 
(Enclosure, No. 
My Lord, 


Strand-street, Tialee, Dec. 
30, 1834. 
I take the liberty of acquainting you, that from the feeling of excitement which appears at present to prevail in Tralee, it is more than probable that some disturbance of a serious nature may take place upon the occasion of the approaching elections. 
Under these circumstances, and involved as I am in the event of the borough election, I would submit to your Lordship's consideration the propriety of making an immediate application to Government, for the purpose of obtaining additional military aid ; and, on such occasions, cavalry are considered most effectual in overawiug popular violence. 

I have the honour, &c. 

(signed) William Denny. 
(Enclosure, No. 
My Lord, Constabulary Office, Tralee, 31 December 1834. 
I have the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that from the excited state of public feeling, produced by the approaching, at least anticipated, contests for both County and Borough, I have reason to apprehend much disturbance; and, as in such event, the force, both civil and military, within the county, would be quite inadequate to preserve the peace, especially during the county election, I take the liberty of suggesting to your Lordship the expediency of applying for a reinforcement of military, particularly of cavalry, to co¬ operate with the civil authorities in maintaining order. 
The present force, aided by a detachment of cavalry, would, I am of opinion, be sufficient to preserve the peace at the borough election. 
I beg leave further to submit to your consideration, the necessity of having parties of military stationed at Killarney, Castle Island and Listowel, for the protection of the free¬ holders.