Select Committee on Orange Lodges, Associations or Societies in Ireland: report, minutes of evidence and appendix

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Pfoceedicigs of the last day having been read, 26th October 1830.

The case as laid before Mr. Holmes, with his opinion thereon, having been read.

Moved by H. R. JBaker, and"l p ,

Seconded by Perceval Swan,/ '

That the substance of the opinion of Messrs. Pennefather and Holmes be transmitted to
the county grand lodges, and that a committee be appointed to arrange same.

Committee : Robert Smith, Thomas Reed, Thomas Burke.

Moved by William Swan, and\p ,

Seconded by J. H. Jeboult, J

That Brother George Nixon be empowered to read the opinion of Messrs. Penae-
father and Holmes to the grand lodges of Fermanagh, Monaghan and Cavan, as a
deputation fiom this committee, but that he do not permit copies of same to be taken.

The following letter was afterwards submitted to the committee, and approved of:

Committee Rooms, 39, Westmorland-street,
Sir and Brother; 26lh October 1830.

The grand secretary of the county Antrim having applied to this committee to have the
opinion of counsel taken as to the legality of an interruption of an Orange procession
Ballymona on the 12th July last by the police, and the taking from them their badges,
flags, &c.

The committee forthwith caused a case to be laid before two eminent barristers, Mr. Ser¬
jeant Pennefather and Mr. Holmes, both of whom have given it as their opinion, that,
under existing circumstances and the present state of the law. Orange processions are not
only decidedly illegal, but dangerous, more particularly as the Proclamation of the 18th July
1829 not only referred to them, but contemplated such meetings, and that the police were
fully justified in acting as they did at Ballymena.

The committee, to prevent the loss of life or liberty, feel it imperative on them to re¬
quest you will make such opinions of counsel speedily and generally known to our Orange
brethren only.

The committee are as anxious as their brethren for the usual display of Protestant feel¬
ing ; still they feel called upon to recommend to the whole body at once voluntarily to
give up all processions for the present, and publicly to make known their intention of
doing so.

The committee exhort their brethren not to suffer themselves to be seduced in any way
by Popisi) agitators, either to a commission of a breach of the peace, or into the signing of
any petition for a repeal of the Union, which can only individually tend to dissolve British
connexion, separate the Kingdoms, and to the total overthrow of Protestantism in Ireland,
but to keep alive the spirit of Orangeism, to augment their numbers, be firm and united as
true Orangemen ought to be, and ready at all times to assist the magistrates when called
upon in the preservation of their religion, the laws and liberties of their country.

Signed by order,

W. R. Ward, d. g. s.

29th November 1830.

Moved by Percival Swan, and seconded by James King.

Ilesolved, That the deputy grand secretary do address the Grand Master of the county
J)own on the subject of a report which, it would appear from a letter addressed to a mem¬
ber of the grand lodge from London, to be at present current in that metropolis ; viz.

That some Orangemen of Down had assembled with a party of Roman Catholics at
Shanes Hill, between Po.i-tadown and Lurgan, had hoisted an orange and green flag, and
entered into resolutions hostile to the interests of the institution, and request he will make
particular inquiries into these circumstances, and report the result to this committee.

Moved by J.J. Butler, andjp^^^^^

Seconded by r. awan, J

That in consequence of a report that the Orangemen ofSligo are about to unite with the
Papists to petition for a repeal of the Union, brother Thomas Fenton be requested to favouf
the committee with any information on the subject he may be in possession of, either by »
personal attendance on Thursday next or by letter.

The following Resolutions were proposed by

Rev. Charles Boyton, and"l 3^^^ December 1S30.

Seconded by James King: J

Resolved, That having observed the following names, William S. Harrison, George

Boyle, William Richardson, Robert Richardson, and Fitzpatrick, put forward in the

public press as those members of this institution who have moved and seconded resolutions
at public meetings, in favour of a repeal of the Union, we, the committee of the grand
lodsje of Ireland, deemed it our duty to inquire into the truth of the said statements.

397. ^4 Resolved,