Bill to consolidate and amend Laws respecting Customs, Tolls and Duties in Markets and Fairs in Ireland

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25 Marc/* 1830. 


B To consolidate and amend the Laws respecting Tolls, Customs, and all other Duties taken by local authority in Fairs, Markets, Sea-ports, and all other places in Ireland. 

Words printed in /ta//'a? 
are proposed to be inserted 

in the Committee. 

year, (See 57 Geo 3. 
awa" £« e«cA «wJ e»ery -swccee^wg-j/e«r, and every such person and corporation is and are hereby required to deliver to the clerk of the peace of the county city or town within which the fair, market, port 20 or place shall be situate, where such toll, custom or duty may be claimed 

to be payable, a list or schedule of all tolls, customs, duties or pay-ments claimed by any and every such person or corporation respectively upon or in respect of any cattle, provisions, goods, wares or merchan-183. 
A dize 

108, s.